Key Scratch / Vandal Scratch

Rear Door and Quarter Repair

This car was vandal scratched(keyed) across 2 panels, It was a freezing cold day with an icy wind cutting thro’ me, not for the faint hearted my job. Firstly I degreased the panels to be sprayed and then sanded the scratches to take it down to the original primed surface, in a couple of places the scratches were so deep they had even marked the metal underneath the paint. Then I masked around the sanded area to prevent overspray and primed the damaged area, I then flatted the primed area and degreased the panel again. I sprayed 6 even coats of paint to ensure it all blended and matched the original paintwork finally finishing with 2 coats of clear lacquer. This was then baked using my infrared heat lamps then polished.