Classic Car Restoration

1959 Jaguar MK1  

This was a 52 year old (1959) Jaguar Mk1.  Rust had set in on a number of panels and my brief was to repair the drivers door which had extensive rust at the bottom along with the front off-side wheel arch and front valance.
First I had to sand away the paint and find out the extent of the rust.  I discussed with the owner that with rust there would be no guarantee (the only sure way of curing rust is to replace the metal with new) The owner said that he wanted it to look better and would take the risk; the repair could last a month or  years, unfortunately this is the uncertainty of rust.
Following the removal of the paint in the affected area I had to disc cut the worst parts out then treat with a rust inhibitor and fill with a fibreglass putty which also contained a rust defender.
A thin skim of glaze putty then primer applied, painted and finally lacquered, the wheel arches were done at the same time and the process took in excess of 7 hours,